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Release Notes


  • Upgraded package versions
  • Updated required Python to 3.6.1
  • Upgraded pre-commit hook versions
  • Added Python 3.8 to testing suite


  • Added debug logging
  • Upgraded Starlette and Uvicorn versions
  • Added base exception for custom exceptions


  • Added download form for input-format and predict-test endpoints
  • Changed HTTP GET on input-format and predict-test to only return HTML
  • Added HTTP POST on input-format and predict-test which will return JSON
  • Removed starlette_kwargs and uvicorn_kwargs from run_model_serving and run_pandas_serving
  • Fixed bug with navbar paths for single model serving


  • Fixed serving the wrong template for predict-test endpoint


  • Improved exception handling
  • Added more logging
  • Renamed BadDataFormatError to PredictionError
  • Updated route name generation in runner.ModelServingRunner.compose to create better urls
  • Added bootstrap 4 to improve model frontend
  • Created HTML output for all endpoints
  • Split kwargs into starlette_kwargs and uvicorn_kwargs in run_model_serving and run_pandas_serving


  • Added PreProcessingError for use with pre_process_input
  • Added PostProcessingError for use with post_process_results
  • Included home route for every model index page
  • Removed performance extra install
  • Refactored model serving compose interface
  • Added ability to override HTTP status code in custom exceptions


  • Removed kubernetes liveness and readiness endpoints
  • Decoupled formatting of input and output data from processing hooks
  • Added new exception for undefined tests data path
  • Fixed ujson OverflowError due to numpy.NaN
  • Renamed NoServingModelsFoundError to NoModelServingFoundError
  • Removed pre processing from /input-format/ endpoint
  • Refactored model serving compose interface
  • Enabled passing of kwargs to ModelServingRunner methods


  • Fixed pandas import error
  • Reworked running model serving and composing serving models


  • Reworked API
  • Fixed quick start example


  • First working release


  • Initial release